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Welcome to the official Tremor Mod Wiki.
Knight.pngTown NPCs
Cursor 3.pngCredits
  • The Developers - for all the work on the mod
  • Re-Logic - for creating Terraria
  • Bluemagic123 - big thanks for creating tModLoader and helping with code
  • Jopojelly - for a lot of help with code
  • Milt69466 - for allowing us to use Hardmode Warhammers suggestion and sprites
  • Zoomo - for allowing us to use his summoner improving, Motherboard and Wall of Shadow suggestion and sprites, and also other sprites from his thread
  • DerpoTheMagnificent - for allowing us to use Magmonium suggestion and sprites
  • Snickerbobble - for allowing us to use his Bottled Souls suggestion and sprites
  • Pinelord - for allowing us to use his Space Whale suggestion and making new Whale sprite
  • Sergo - for allowing us to use ideas from his suggestions thread
  • Delicious Saturn - for his great job making music for our mod
  • PhoenixBlade - for making new sprites with tilesheets for some ores
  • Ser_FruKtoz - for allowing us to use Brutallisk suggestion
  • Eli10293 - for making new shields sprites