Tremor Mod Wiki

Displays the image of the named item with the image linking to the item page. Useful for icons in crafting recipes.


{{linked icon|<item name>}}
Unnamed Parameter 1

The item name.

Unnamed Parameter 2

(Optional) An alternate link. If present but empty, an empty link is assigned (see Dungeon Brick example below).


(Optional) The size of the image.


Torch.png -- linked torch icon from {{linked icon|Torch}}

Candle.png = 1×Gold Bar.png + 1×Torch.png -- Recipe for a candle using linked icons from {{linked icon|Candle}} = 1×{{linked icon|Gold Bar}} + 1×{{linked icon|Torch}}

Blue Brick.pngGreen Brick.pngPink Brick.png Dungeon Brick -- un-linked Blue, Green, and Pink Dungeon Brick icons{{linked icon|Blue Brick|}}{{linked icon|Green Brick|}}{{linked icon|Pink Brick|}} [[Dungeon Brick]]