Tremor Mod Wiki

Use this template to insert a dynamic table listing of pages in a category.

See {{dpl top}} for an alternative template that allows listing multiple categories in the same table.



Required: The category to list.


Required: The table's column headers. Use the same format as you would when declaring column headers in a manual table, eg. ! column1 !! column2


Optional: The template from which values will be taken. This will usually be an infobox, like item infobox. Enter the bare template name without "[[Template:". This template must exist on each page in the category being listed. Default = item infobox.


Optional: A template that determines how rows will be formatted. This will not usually be in the Template: namespace, but rather a sub-page of the current page, eg. "/dpl" (enter the template's page name without quotes). The template should contain the table code for a single row, and this row code will be repeated for each page in the category. Within this template, use {{{param}}} to display a value from the article's infobox. See Swords/dpl for an example. Default = /dpl.


Optional: The table's classes. Enter bare, without quotes. Default = terraria sortable lined.


Optional: The table's styles. Enter bare, without quotes. Default = [none].