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This is a documentation only page, it documents the following templates and sub-templates:

Usage is:

{{crafts top|}}:Opens the table, empty parameter is required.
{{crafts row}}:A row, repeat as necessary.
{{crafts row}}:A row, repeat as necessary.
{{crafts bottom|}}:Closes the table, the last empty parameter is required.

{{crafts top|}}

Example usage

{{crafts top|}}
{{crafts top
| title = title
| page = page name (for tables to be transcluded)
| nostation = y/yes (will not display the tool/station)
| cate = n/no or force/all (by default it will add this page to crafting station category if crafting result is the page title itself. cate=n/no will disable this. cate=force/all will force categorization, no matter what the result is.) 

{{crafts row}}

This template is the bulk of the crafts set:

Example usage

{{crafts row
| tool = By Hand
| result = Sticky Grenade | 5
| Gel |
| Grenade | 5
  • "tool": is an optional attribute used to create a side cell. "tool" is the tool.
  • "result": The resulting item, followed by the resulting amount. In case the resulting amount is 1 it should be omitted (though the | character is still required!)
  • For every ingredient a row with an ingredient name and amount should be present. In case the amount is 1 it should be omitted (though the | character is still required!)

This results in:

ResultIngredientsCrafting station

Sticky GrenadeSticky Grenade (5)
By Hand

Protection and Evolution

The totality of "Crafts" is protected. This is because it is not a beginner friendly template, and even just touching it can have big impacts on the wiki. This does not mean the tables cannot evolve! If you have any suggestions, those in the know-how can easily change the layout of the table. Feel free to suggest in the talk page.