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Release date 2017
Version chronology
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Version History

Tremor Remastered Version added many new types of weapons, resprited some items and enemies, and introduced the Andas boss and the Nova section of the Lunar Events.


  • Added TModloader 0.10 support.


Changes/Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed Glacier mobs inflicting Frostburn for 8 seconds not for 1.
  • Fixed Stone items having wrong value.
  • Fixed Ancient Dragon not summoning in Singleplayer.
  • Fixed wrong minimap colors of placed Gloomstone items.
  • Fixed Alchemist not selling Health Support Flask.
  • Fixed new Goblins overlapping vanilla Goblins spawn.
  • Fixed new Goblins not giving points to Progress Bar on death.
  • Glacier Mobs no longer spawn if a Celestial Pillar is active.
  • Fixed Ruin Ghosts not spawning after beating Tiki Totem.
  • Fixed Book of Revelations spawning a lot of hearts and mana.
  • Fixed Book of Revelations cooldown not working.
  • Changed Glacier biome blocks & sizes
  • You no longer gain Chill debuff when entering Glacier
  • Changed Stone of Knowledge recipe
  • Vanilla items which grant all damage / critical strike chance bonuses now grant alchemist bonuses too
  • You can no longer explode Cometite and Hard Cometite Ore
  • Items which are obtained after beating Trinity now have new rarity
  • Nova Pillar also spawns after beating Ancient Cultist
  • Luxorius Armor set bonus also grants Dangersense
  • Ruin Altar and blocks beneath it can be no longer destroyed
  • Weapons have their damage line colored according to sparks/souls/focuses colors
  • Increased drop rate of Ruin Keys and Rusty Lanterns
  • Changed Heater of Worlds sprite