Tremor Mod Wiki

Rarity is a statistic applying to all items, that loosely indicates their value and the difficulty with which they are obtained. An item's Rarity is indicated in-game by the color of its name text, as displayed, for example, when rolling the cursor over the item in an inventory slot. An item's Rarity can be raised or lowered by up to two tiers depending on its Modifier.

The Tremor Mod adds one rarity to the game, Light Orange, and makes use of all other vanilla rarities with its items.


Tier Color Description Example
-1 Gray No items in Tremor have a rarity of grey. Mainly consists of useless fishing items.
0 White Items without a Rarity value specified in the game code default to this tier. It is by far the Rarity containing the most items. Any Tremor Mod Items from this tier will be destroyed in Lava.
1 Blue Weapons and armor crafted from early ores, along with early dropped/looted items. Also includes Banners, Trophies and Boss Masks. Items in this tier and above will not be destroyed in Lava.
2 Green Midway Pre-Hardmode items. These can consist of items dropped by and crafted after mid-prehardmode bosses, such as the Evil Corn.
3 Orange Late-stage pre-Hardmode items: Primarily class soul accessories, items crafted with Argite and Hellstone Bars and drops from late Pre-Hardmode Bosses, such as the Fungus Beetle.
4 Light Red Early Hardmode items, such as Big Flask variants, Emblems and items crafted with Cobalt/Palladium and Mythril/Orichalcum bars.
5 Pink Mid-Hardmode items, including those acquired after defeating The Pixie Queen and crafted with Chaos Bars. It also consists of items crafted with Brass Bars and Paraxyde Shards.
6 Light Purple A smaller tier consisting mainly of several items both before and after Plantera.
7 Lime This tier mainly contains of items crafted from Darkness Cloth and several other midgame items.
8 Yellow This tier consists of items crafted with Magnonium Bars and Broken Hero related items, such as True Arachnophobia and Broken Hero Armorplate
9 Cyan This tier consists of Lunar Fragments such as the Nova Fragment, as well as developer vanity sets.
10 Red This tier consists of items many crafted out of Nova Fragments like Nova armor and some Tremode materials such as Star Bars and Alphaplasm.
11 Purple This tier consists of early Tremode items as well as items dropped by the Dark Emperor, Brutallisk and Space Whale.
12 Light Orange This tier consists of endgame items dropped by and crafted after the Trinity and Andas.
Expert Rainbow This special tier contains Expert Mode-exclusive items contained in Treasure Bags dropped by Expert Mode bosses, as well as Treasure Bags themselves. It also contains items crafted from Terrarium Cores. In the game code, these items contain other tier numbers, despite displaying the animated rainbow rarity color in-game.
Quest Amber This special tier contains only "quest items" to be turned over to quest-giving NPCs (currently the Dye Trader and Angler) for rewards. Quest items have no other use.