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Below is a list of quest fish revealed by the Angler. Only one Angler Quest can be completed per Terraria day, after that you must wait until the next day.

Angler Quote Target Item Height Biome
If a fish can't breathe underwater without a suit, it must be... an alien fish! Catch for me this valuable specimen! Alien FishAlien Fish Space Forest (post-Martian Madness)
Oh, this wonderful underwater world! How much it hides... There is a fish, black and dirty as coal. Catch and try not to drabble your hands. Coal FishCoal Fish Any Surface
Half-vegetable, half-fish! A real rarity for carnivorous vegetarians! How many wonderful dishes you can make with it... Go and catch it! Corn FishCorn Fish Any Surface (post-Evil Corn)
Hahaha! Another mistake of evolution! Who knows how much goodies I could find in this fish if you will bring it to me! Crate FishCrate Fish Any Forest
I broke all my forks! What am I supposed to do without them? Catch this fish, so I could... eat fish. Fork FishFork Fish Any Forest
To tell the truth, this fish is quite dangerous because you can cut yourself with it! Although what a difference! Catch her and just try to break her! Glass FishGlass Fish Any Forest
You should have seen my face when I found this badass for the first time! Wow! Go catch it for me, but don't yawn, otherwise it will bite you in the face and I won't be able to laugh over it. Jaw FishJaw Fish Any Surface
What is that? A fish in form of a key? A key in form of a fish? A fish that ate the key? I don't care because I just can't wait to see her! Key FishKey Fish Dungeon Underground
This creature is clearly not of earthly origin... In any case, I should get it for my collection of extraterrestrial trinkets! Lunar SquidLunar Squid Sky Space (post-Moon Lord)
This fish couldn't fly in the air so she decided to swim away from all the fuss. However, it's her problem and you should bring me this fish! Parrot FishParrot Fish Any Forest (post-Pirate Invasion)
Jesus, what a terrible creation, this pumpkin fish. Imagine if all my fears came together in one conglomerate thing in form of vegetable and began to float mindlessly around the ocean. Catch her, and I will stop being afraid of it. PumpfishPumpfish Any Surface
I can tell you that it's a quite a rare creature. They say that it can cure all diseases and convert sunlight into happiness... Why you're still here?! Catch her! Now! Sunflower FishSunflower Fish Any Surface
Imagine a piece of wood that had fallen into the lake. It could find the fins and tail and give rise to a new type of fish. Catch her for me, she's worth it! Wooden PiranhaWooden Piranha Jungle Surface