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Pixie Queen
Pixie Queen.png
EnvironmentThe Hallow
AI TypePixie Queen AI
Damage98 / ???
Max Life25000 / 31250
Defense13 / ???
KB Resist100%
Coins12 Gold Coin

Pixie Queen is a Hardmode boss.


The Pixie Queen does not spawn on her own. The only way to summon her is to use a Pixie in a Jar. It can only be used in the The Hallow at Night.


The Pixie Queen flies around the player while attacking. She can summon pixie guardians when she is still, and can inflict debuffs when hitting the player.


  • She flies at the player at high speeds and performs medium attacks.
  • She will occasionally drops purple balls of energy called Drakins (not to be confused with the vanilla enemy of the same name), which deal high damage. Verify
  • She flies faster as her health drops.
  • Her attacks can also inflict the Debuffs Slow and Confused.
  • She also summons Pixie Queen Guardians.


  • Avoid the Drakins in the sky, as they do high damage and can make surviving the Pixie Queen's other attacks difficult.
  • Having increased speed movement or dash using accessories can help dodge the Pixie Queen as her speed increases.
  • Using the Minimap can help locate the Pixie Queen when it is moving at high speeds.


  • If the player is near the boss, it will inflict Slow and Confused. Pixie Guardians can also apply these debuffs.


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