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==Interesting Facts==
==Interesting Facts==
* Motherboard Boss and attacks were come from an suggestions made by [ Zoomo]
* Motherboard Boss and attacks were come from an suggestions made by [ Zoomo]
*The [[Motherboard]] is the Mothership's Crimson counterpart.
*The [[Motherboard]] is the Destroyer's Crimson counterpart.

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AI TypeMotherboard AI
Damage30 / 40
Max Life45000 / 56250
KB Resist100%
Coins75 Silver Coin

Motherboard is an upgraded version of the Brain of Cthulhu on Hardmode.

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  • Motherboard doesn't spawn on it's own. The only way to summon it is to use Mechanical Brain. It can be used everywhere.


Motherboard can fly and shoots laser beams and disappear like Brain of Cthulhu.


Phase 1

  • The Motherboard is invulnerable during this phase. The only way to deal damage to it is to kill all of their Signal Drones which puts them into their second phase.
  • The Motherboard will constantly spawn in new Signal Drones to replace destroyed ones. Try to kill all the drones at once to defeat the Motherboard easily.
    • Signal Drones only attack is to connect with other Signal drones via a purple beam, they only pose a threat to Melee players.
  • The Motherboard occasionally shoots 3 Necromancer beams at the player.

Phase 2

  • Once all of the Signal drones have been destroyed, the Motherboard will enter it's second phase.
  • 4 Clampers will be spawned as tendrils from the Motherboard, they don't attack aggressively and only follow the motherboard.
    • Clampers deal damage even from their wire so try to stay above the Motherboard to reduce damage taken.
  • Once all of the Clampers have been destroyed, The Mothership will deploy 2 loose Clampers with significantly reduced health, which will fly at players like demon eyes.
  • He will now teleport randomly near the players similar to the Brain of Cthulhu

Interesting Facts

  • Motherboard Boss and attacks were come from an suggestions made by Zoomo
  • The Motherboard is the Destroyer's Crimson counterpart.


  • You have until dawn to defeat it. If not killed when daytime arrives, the Motherboard will enter into rage mode and receive an insane speed buff and instantly kill any player she comes into contact with.
  • A current bug with the Clampers is they may have increased health from designated totals. EX: 6430/2400.