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Forgotten Creature
Forgotten Creature.png
TypeEvent Enemy
EnvironmentParadox Cohort
AI TypeForgotten Creature AI
Damage125 / 250
Max Life5750 / 11500
KB Resist100%
Inflicts debuffConfusedConfused
60% chance
Debuff duration16 seconds

The Forgotten Creature is a Tremode enemy that spawns during the Paradox Cohort event.

The Forgotten Creature is a very fast and dangerous enemy that can rush at the player and deal large amounts of damage. It is an exceptionally dangerous enemy due to its fast speed, high damage, immunity to knockback, and ability to teleport. Its only attack is to charge forward and teleport away and repeat.

Killing a Forgotten Creature during the Paradox Cohort event will add 2 points.

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