Tremor Mod Wiki

The Tremor Mod adds 2 new events, and a few changes to vanilla events. New events that are included in the Tremor Mod

These include the Night of the Undead and the Paradox Cohort. The Slime Rain from the vanilla game also has new music.


Night of the Undead[]

The Night of the Undead is an event that can only be summoned at night using Scroll of the Undead. A message saying: "The Night of the Undead has begun." is displayed when the event starts.


Paradox Cohort[]

The Paradox Cohort can be summoned everywhere using the Ancient Watch. A message saying "The Paradox Cohort is striking from nowhere!" will be displayed at the start of event.

Summoned Events Night of the Undead • Paradox Cohort