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{{item infobox
{{item infobox
|image = [[File:Cursed Knight Helmet.png]] [[File:Hummer Breastplate.png]] [[File:Zadum4ivii Leggings.png]]
|image = [[File:Cursed Knight Helmet.png]] [[File:Hummer's Breastplate.png]] [[File:Zadum4ivii Leggings.png]]
|type = Vanity
|type = Vanity
|type2 = Developer
|type2 = Developer

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Developer items
  • Cursed Knight Helmet.png Hummer's Breastplate.png Zadum4ivii Leggings.png
Stack digit 1.png
Tooltip'Great for impersonating Devs!'
RarityRarity Level: 9
Sell1 Gold Coin

Developer items are vanity items that were made for particular members of the Tremor Mod's development staff.

All developer items can rarely (3.33% chance) drop from a boss's Treasure Bag in an Expert Mode.


Zadum4ivii clothes (zadum4ivii)
Item Type
Zadum4ivii Helmet.png Zadum4ivii Helmet Social Helmet
Zadum4ivii Cuirass.png Zadum4ivii Cuirass Social Shirt
Zadum4ivii Leggings.png Zadum4ivii Leggings Social Pants
Hummer's clothes (Bogdan3456)
Item Type
Hummer's Helmet.png Hummer's Helmet Social Helmet
Hummer's Breastplate.png Hummer's Breastplate Social Shirt
Hummer's Greaves.png Hummer's Greaves Social Pants
Zerokk's clothes (Zerokk)
Item Type
Zerokk's Headgear.png Zerokk's Headgear Social Helmet
Zerokk's Bodyplate.png Zerokk's Bodyplate Social Shirt
Zerokk's Leggings.png Zerokk's Leggings Social Pants
Cursed Knight clothes (CursedKnight)
Item Type
Cursed Knight Helmet.png Cursed Knight Helmet Social Helmet
Cursed Knight Breastplate.png Cursed Knight Breastplate Social Shirt
Cursed Knight Greaves.png Cursed Knight Greaves Social Pants


  • They don't have DaKkharn's clothes, Liniques's clothes, and Obesedog's clothes