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Boss Mask
  • Rukh Mask.png Alchemaster Mask.png Dark Emperor Mask.png
Body slotSocial Helmet
RarityRarity Level: 1

Boss Masks are vanity items dropped by all bosses in Tremor Mod. They are worn in the social head slot. Each boss has a 14.29% chance to drop its own mask.



Mask Boss
Rukh Mask.png Rukh Mask The Rukh
Indifferent Totem Mask.png Indifferent Totem Mask Tiki Totem
Happy Totem Mask.png Happy Totem Mask Tiki Totem
Angry Totem Mask.png Angry Totem Mask Tiki Totem
Evil Corn Mask.png Evil Corn Mask Evil Corn
Storm Jellyfish Mask.png Storm Jellyfish Mask Storm Jellyfish
Ancient Dragon Mask.png Ancient Dragon Mask Ancient Dragon
Fungus Beetle Mask.png Fungus Beetle Mask Fungus Beetle
Heater of Worlds Mask.png Heater of Worlds Mask Heater of Worlds


Mask Boss
Alchemaster Mask.png Alchemaster Mask Alchemaster
Motherboard Mask.png Motherboard Mask Motherboard
Pixie Queen Mask.png Pixie Queen Mask Pixie Queen
Frost King Mask.png Frost King Mask Frost King
Mourning Wood Mask.png Mourning Wood Mask Mourning Wood
Everscream Mask.png Everscream Mask Everscream
Pumpking Mask.png Pumpking Mask Pumpking
Santa-NK1 Mask.png Santa-NK1 Mask Santa-NK1
Ice Queen Mask.png Ice Queen Mask Ice Queen
Wall of Shadows Mask.png Wall of Shadows Mask Wall of Shadows
Cog Lord Mask.png Cog Lord Mask Cog Lord
Cyber King Mask.png Cyber King Mask Cyber King


Mask Boss
Violeum Mask.png Violeum Mask Violeum
Paradox Titan Mask.png Paradox Titan Mask Paradox Titan
Dark Emperor Mask.png Dark Emperor Mask The Dark Emperor
Brutallisk Mask.png Brutallisk Mask Brutallisk
Space Whale Mask.png Space Whale Mask Space Whale
Doom Mask.png Doom Mask The Trinity
Hope Mask.png Hope Mask The Trinity
Truth Mask.png Truth Mask The Trinity
Andas Mask.png Andas Mask Andas