Birb Staff

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Birb Staff
  • Birb Staff item sprite
Stack digit 1.png
Damage7 Summon
Knockback4 Weak
Critical chance0%
TooltipSummons a birb to to fight for you.
Grants BuffBirbBirb
Buff tooltipThe birb will fight for you
RarityRarity Level: 3
Sell16 Silver Coin
Summons Minion

The Birb Staff is a Pre-Hardmode summon weapon that occasionally drops from trees. It summons a Bird that flies around enemies and swoops in to attack to fight for you.

It's best modifier is Ruthless. The Mythical modifier provides the widest array of stats bonuses, but these primarily affect the initial summon rather than the resulting minion. Additionally, Minions cannot deal Critical hits. The only significant advantage a Mythical Birb Staff has over a Ruthless one is knockback.

Note that even though the birbs can go through blocks and attack enemies from there, they can get stuck between a couple of blocks with a space between them.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Its name is likely a reference to the internet meme "Birb". It's purpose, however, may be due to the lack of easily obtainable summon weapons early game.

History[edit | edit source]